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Wednesday 29 May 2013

Alenda - Mermaids

[Click on image for Official Alenda page]
Country - Belgium
Composer - Déhà
Released - January 2013
- Tracklist -
1. Mermaids
- Review -
You may remember back when I reviewed Phaenon's His Master's Voice a little while back, and how I explained that it was quite an endurance test, fours songs for about an hour and fifteen minutes.
This is longer.
One hour, twenty minutes, one second. The length of one song, so if you are really bored and have time to spare, see if you can listen the whole way through (I have thankyou very much). To some, or many, they will find this extremely boring, it is a case of whether you are a fan of Dark Ambient, or a FAN of Dark Ambient. For me there are some parts which seem repetitive, but overall the production keeps my interest piqued throughout the song (it's not often that songs this long are released). The piece includes good whale sampling (you heard me) and piano work, the 24 minute starts off with a deep drum beat, an instrument not often seen in this genre.
So, for what is it worth, it is actually pretty good, due to the length though, deemed to obscurity, which maybe it should stay. Take a listen, go on, i dare you.

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