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Sunday 5 May 2013

Sundrugs - Hidden Scenes

[Click on image for official Sundrugs Page]
Country - Poland
Composer - Patryk T Kawalarz
Released - April 2013
- Tracklist -
1. Pandora's Box
2. Moving Borders
3. Void's Anatomy
4. Radio Depth
5. If You Call That Living (feat Saåad)
6. Desert Tales
7. Hidden Scenes
8. You Know That Place
9. Euphoria Euthanasia
10. Just Leave Your Backdoor Open
11. Warm Like December's Sun

- Review -
When I first saw this album, floating around on other blogs, the cover immediately caught my eye, I'm sure we've all impulse bought (or downloaded or listened) an album just for the amazing cover. A lady smoking, doesn't seem too much, but the distortion of the picture makes it look very "dark ambient".

Now I shall focus upon the music, because once opened, this album will lead you into a whole new world. The composition is simplistic, but not amateurish, and perfectly suited for those cold, wintery days of easy listening. Some sampling is strewn throughout the album, and while this is effective in adding to the atmosphere, a little bit of extra work distorting and shaping could have helped the production. But this doesn't at all let the music down, gorgeous soundscapes have arisen from that lovely cover, and from an amazing project. And I hope to see more soon from Patryk.

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