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Friday 14 March 2014

Wegrzyn - Volksmusik
[Click on image for Official Wegryzn website]

Country - Poland
Composer - Lukasz Wegrzyn
Released - March 2014
- Tracklist -
1. The Orchid
2. Weather Report
3. Eleven Summers
- Review -
A new release from one of my favourite ambient labels, Etalabel, Volksmusik is the debut of Lukasz Wegrzyn. From a quick glance, it may seem like a small attempt at only three songs, but all pieces are above ten minutes (Eleven Summers being over twenty minutes in length) so it is still a fair sized album. The time on each piece is more than enough to send the listener onto a journey into Wegrzyn's world.
When listening through the album, it isn't all soft touch, at the end of 'The Orchard' harsh static finishes the piece off, and at the end of 'Weather Report' too, albeit a little deeper and less piercing. these songs don't flow into each other, and this completely offsets the mellow introductions to the songs (the piano within 'The Orchard' is just beautiful). My take in this is that each song represents a story, not just the entire album. Every one song represents an event, and when put together with others on an album, represents a life. the softer sections hold happier memories, and the harsher sections hold sadder, distressing memories. Life has ups and downs, compositional wise, this album has too.
This album is the story of a life, and Wegrzyn has decided to share it through music. He has only used piano for this music, and experimenting with the sounds on the piano has led to some interesting concepts. it's full of layers and as a result has a thick atmosphere. Lukasz is a wonderful, talented composer, and if Volksmusik is a taste of what to come, my ears eagerly await.

Saturday 1 March 2014

Support to Ukraine

You may or may not be aware, that tensions are rising in Ukraine. This worries me gravely as many innocent people could come to harm, all they want is the freedom of their country again. Two of these people I know personally, Oleg Shpudeiko (Heinali) and Sergiy Fjordsson (Moloch), I have reviewed albums of theirs in the past (and sure enough in the future) and both are appearing on the Compilation album I will be releasing (just hold on a couple of weeks).

I wish these two to keep safe, don't get into any trouble, and if anything goes too sour that the lives of them and their friends and family are threatened, to get out of the country as quick as possible.

I am sure if you are seeing this post, that I speak on behalf of you as well, Support these two in their struggling country, support everyone in Ukraine, as Russia is, as we speak, deciding aggressive action against those of Ukraine, all for a piece of land.

Keep safe, Oleg and Sergiy, my Ukrainian brothers. And to Ukraine, I hope all will be resolved peacefully.