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Thursday 3 October 2013

Heinali - Useless Music

[Click on image for official Heinali website]
Country - Ukraine
Composer - Oleg Shpudeiko
Released - April 2012

- Tracklist -
1. Useless Music 1
2. Useless Music 2
3. Useless Music 3

- Review -
What a short but powerful piece of composition, and at the end I'm left wondering why it simply stops at three songs. However, this album doesn't need an hour long play to drift in your head, these three simple piano pieces are enough to send you into your dreams.

And yes, there is nothing complicated about this, just a talented young composer on a piano, no fancy sound affects or electronic wizardry. The recording is raw as well, you can even hear piano pedals at work. This simplicity gives the music breathing room, it flows and feels lighter than compared to contemporaries. It is not overburdened with any extra layers, and honestly the sound of that piano is so uplifting.

This is a gorgeous little album that takes straight to the heart, get it. It is a warm, enjoyable sound, it is not 'dark' ambient at all. It not even ambient yet still deserves a special place on this blog.