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Monday 20 May 2013

Subinterior/Selaxon Lutberg - The Meeting

[Click on image for official Subinterior website]
Country - Italy
Composer - [Unknown]/Selaxon Lutberg
Released - February 2010
- Tracklist -
1. Last Day
2. Prayer Behind the Sun
3. Il Sole Muoree Noi con Lui
4. October
- Review -
A small collaboration between two Italian ambient bands, Subinterior and Selaxon Lutberg, gives us a refreshing look a clichéd genre. Nothing here is new, but all in all this album isn't meant to break boundaries, yet give the listener something familiar to enjoy.

It might be me being too harsh though (only so much can be done in Dark Ambient before it becomes too avant-garde, which may make some musicians uncomfortable), but if your looking for anything exciting, this isn't it. Redeemable only by it's capabilities of sticking to the stereotypical formula of ambient music, which it does well (I'm not saying it's a terrible release). Clean production, sampling, keyed work, even some guitar work thrown in (very similar to Deep-Pression).

If you like your music to stick to 'tried-and-true', than this is it, and, if you're not looking for anything too amazing, you'll be amazed by this album, and enveloped into its atmosphere. Be grateful for simplicity.

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