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Tuesday 7 May 2013

Forgotten Backyard - Shattered Plastic Angels

[Click on image for official Forgotten Backyard page]
Country - France
Composer - N/A
Release - May 2012

- Tracklist -
1. Portraits of Travma
2. House of Lunatic Silence
3. Lightless Phenomenon in Hallway Darkness
4. Whispers of the Crawling Limbs
5. Anorexic Figures in Dust
6. Shivers of Fading Lights
7. Hum of Torture Contraptions
8. Hot Nyctophobic Drama (Pt 1.)
9. Origin of the Vomit Stench
10. Hanging Plastic Angels
11. Instructions of the Paranoid Minds
12. He Hanged Himself
13. Crying Among the Beheaded Ones
14. Awakening in the Shattered World
15. Moment of Realization
16. Hot Nyctophobic Drama (Pt 2.)
17. Constructions Near Death (Short Version)
18. Untitled
19. Moment of Realization (Remix)
20. House Under Transparent Saucer

- Review -
Song titles like these just scream stereotypical Dark Ambient, and that's what you find on this album. To the likes Atrium Carceri, Forgotten Backyard came from humble beginnings, finding his (composer actually unknown) sound, and slowly evolving to this monstrous album.

The album, like I said, is mainly what you listen to on any Atrium Carceri release. It includes the same amount of sampling, shaping, distortion and keyboard work that you would find on, for example, Ptahil. In terms of musical prowess, this has all been done before. However, it has been done well, the atmosphere is drifting, with a lead weight, it feels deep and industrial, but still has a special sort of flow to it all (thanks to that amazing piano work). Another main element is the amazing dialogue throughout the album (done by Xun's Phil), almost like what The Axis of Perdition did with their Urfe release. An interesting side note, and one that probably helps with the flow, is that this is a concept album, which is what Phil was explaining through his dialogue. But you'll have to check the Bandcamp page to see what this composers on about.


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