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Tuesday 7 May 2013

Phaenon - His Master's Voice

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Country - America
Composer - Szymon Tankiewicz
Release - July 2010
- Tracklist -
1. His Master's Voice - part 1 - Neutrino Radiation
2. Dark Energy - Silentium Universi
3. Soul Virus - Interstellar Semantics
4. His Master's Voice - part 2 - Ignoramus

- Review -
I love albums like this, still the same length as a full length album, but with less songs. In this case four monolithic pieces of dirty dark ambient, all tracks clocking over ten minutes long (first and last being over 20 minutes). This will be an endurence test.

Now this isn't your dreamy, peaceful ambience, oh no, this is dirty, raw and industrial. It feels like stepping into some wrecked and decayed ship, the creaking and unexplainable noises, the low hum from a machine still switched on. This is professional sample-based ambient, however the only drawback is the length of individual songs, and the lack of exciting elements to keep you interested. But if you can stand the length, you'll love the sounds.

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