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Wednesday 5 June 2013

Atomtrakt - Sperrstelle Nordost

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Country - Germany
Composer - Christoph Ziegler
Released - 2010

- Tracklist -
Blut Unde Erst
Ins Verderben
Über Grenzen Hinweg
Flug in Den Tod
Stunde Null

- Review -
Christoph Ziegler is already known for his main project Vinterriket, mixing elements of flawless Dark Ambient with Black Metal distortion, but his other project coming into the spotlight is Atomtrakt. While Vinterriket is nature-based, this endeavour is war/conflict-based.

Almost Neo-classical in description, war-like drum patterns, followed closely with amazing ambient barrage. German (what I guess) dialogue throughout the songs give another element not usual in most Ambient bands, the pieces feel stronger, more powerful, almost a inspirational to go on in the music. Deutsch language is beautifully harsh and during World War 1 and 2, a cold reminder of the power the country was in, Atomtrakt reflect this element so well through the music. Sampling of war has been done well, and is not overused, adding again to the cold atmosphere perceiving war-torn Germany. And Christoph himself adds deep, shouty vocals, which is a nice surprise, and fits well with the dialogue.

Beugen Sie unten zum allmächtig Atomtrakt!

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