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Wednesday 19 June 2013

Moloch - Abgrund Meines Wesens

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Country - Ukraine
Composer - Sergiy Gordiuk / Сергий Гордиюк (A.K.A Pr. Sergiy Fjordsson)
Released - September 2012
- Tracklist -
1. Als die abstrakten Spiegel des Universums vom Puls des menschlichen Lebens zerstört wurden
2. Wo die Winde für immer weinen
3. Berge umhüllt von uraltem Nebel
4. Abgrund meines Wesens
5. Die letzten Strahlen der Sonne verglimmen in der Kälte der Gleichgültigkeit
6. Im dornigen Zwielicht schwand das Leben
7. Graue Wolken unter dem Meer
8. Ein strenger Winter kommt

- Review -
Now don't worry, I haven't changed this to become a Black Metal blog. Yes, Moloch is well-known in Black Metal circles, but Sergiy's most recent releases, this album, and the release before (Abstrakter Wald) are full Ambient albums.

Not much in the way of complexity, Sergiy used his Ambient skills to create more of a background atmosphere, Black Metal usually taking centre stage. He has done away with his guitar and kit on this release, and lets this beautiful soundscape unfurl with no obstacles. Like I said, it isn't ground-breaking, and you may get a little bored with the repetitiveness of it, but in reality there isn't anything overly wrong with the concept and composition of the release. It depicts a wintery landscape which Moloch has perfected.

Recommended if you really like Dark Ambient music, or a diehard Moloch fan (which I am), The rest of you can still get it, to increase your music list (it will blend right in).


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