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Sunday 14 July 2013

Cities Last Broadcast - The Cancelled Earth

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Country - Sweden
Composer - Pär Boström
Released - June 2009

- Tracklist -
1. Cornerstone
2. Antenna
3. Bascule Bridge
4. Railroom
5. Deadpost
6. Cella
7. Architecton

- Review -
Another difinitive album of quality Dark Ambient, and this one has been around for quite such a while, it's gathered a cult following. From the mastermind who gave you Kammarheit, Pär Boström has excelled again with his unique new project, Cities Last Broadcast, giving us chilling distorted sounds of his closest inspirations.

This album uses no synth work, no keyboards, no instruments at all. No, this is completely distorted sounds, be it originally the sounds of a subway, railway bridge or busy road, They sound completely different when given the Boström touch. Seven creepy crawling soundscapes give insight to a world after, a post-apocalyptic land long forgotten by humanity. Of course I cannot review this album by means of musical capability, there is no music, but in terms of sound shaping and layering, The Cancelled Earth is benchmark. Thick with atmosphere, it either drifts through the listeners head, or smothers them, and if you survive this album, well Stockholm symdrone sets in and you'll crave for more.

Unfortunately, there isn't anymore, Pär Boström has only released one album under this moniker, and not much has been heard since. But this only adds to the mystery of this musical dimension.

A must for any Dark Ambient fan. Or any fan of sounds.

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