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Tuesday 6 August 2013

Deep-pression - Nieskończone Morze/Vegtelen Tenger

[Click on image for official Deep-pression website]
Country - Poland
Composer - Arthur Burns (A.K.A RH-), ky, Harley Lethalm (A.K.A Dhampyr)
Released - November 2012
- Tracklist -
1. Intro
2. Syreny
3. Tam,Gdzie Martwe statki Jęczą...
4. Nieskończone Morze
5. Głębiny
6. Nadejście Zimowych Chmur
- Review -
The very first Deep-pression song I heard was "Grim Reapers Hand" from the split with Koldvoid, and I immediately loved it, and the piece has become one of my favourite Ambient tracks. So I have decided to review DP's newest full length album, released for free as Nieskończone Morze, or bought from Valse Sinistre records as Vegtelen Tenger.
Both names relate to the idea of an infinite sea, an ocean stretching for miles out to the horizon. And DP has been able to convey this image quite well through their music. Lush soundpads mixed with ominous guitar work, topped off with whispered vocals in the local language. It is quite drawn out and does not rush at all, instead keeping a slow steady pace and holds a calm atmosphere, much like the theme. Of course being stuck in an endless sea can be quite boring, and at some times the same can be said for the music.
The music does what it does best, convey a vivid melancholic image, and whilst it can get a little monotonous at times (which I guess is a trait in this genre), it can still carry the listener into another world, and then drop them into the middle of a freezing ocean.

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