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Tuesday 11 February 2014

Black Polygons - Accalmie

[Click on image for official Black Polygons website]
Country - France
Composer - Cyril Rampal
Released - February 2013

- Tracklist -
1. In the Dead of Night
2. Whisper
3. Black Room
4. Amer
5. Ghost
6. Velvet
7. Accalmie
8. Burnt
9. Aphorisme
10. Ectoplasme
11. Brume
12. Denouement

- Review -
Black Polygons were once described as having some inspiration from Nine Inch Nails...
Whilst the industrial influence is definitely incorporated, never does Black Polygons sound as synthetic as NIN. No, this French electronica/ambient outfit seems much more similar to the likes of Desiderii Marginis and Polish projects like Virlyn and Bojanek. It's not complete seamless ambience, more of an ambient base, with a slow electronica influenced beat layered on top.

And it's dark... it does indeed have the grittiness that industrial genres supply. And it's deep as well, not only from a perceived atmospheric point of view, Electronica is often bass heavy, and the implementation of this in the music has given it a gut-twisting, low-end frequency. Black Polygons could easily fit within a full Dark Ambient playlist. 

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