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Saturday 14 September 2013

XUN - Frameworks

[Click on image for official XUN website]
Country - Germany
Composer - Phil R.
Released - July 2011

- Tracklist -
1. Glassworks
2. Ember
3. Clastic
4. Morbid
5. Spinal
6. Solar
7. Clockworks

- Review -
As I listen to this album, I am constantly reminded of Atrium Carceri. The gritty industrial tone is certainly here, along with its own special something, which I'll try to figure out during this review. But welcome to XUN, take a seat, because you'll be blown away.

First of all the phrase 'more is less' certainly is one of Phil's favourites, each of these songs dares to shed layers for a much more isolated atmosphere, yet none feel paper thin. The distortion and grain behind each track simply gives that extra solidity, a blank canvas if you will, upon which this talented musician spreads his ideas. This slight distortion gives a special edge to the rest of the composition too, some of the music can seem abrupt, but never razor sharp, and I absolutely love this little element. It seems like it's coming from an old analog radio, it gives it a sense of age.

Each and every song is amazing but there are three that I want to talk about together, 'Ember', 'Clastic' and 'Morbid', and this is where I see an Atrium Carceri influence. The atmosphere in these three is just electrifying, it's spine-tinglingly dark. This is proper Industrial Ambience done without hundreds of layers stacked on top of each other. I can pick out about four or five, and that is probably the most layers in a Xun song (either that or they're so subtle and well-fitted I can't pick them out)

Overall this is an album that has completely terrified me; the music has so much grip and traction it almost feels like its crawling along your skin. It's deep, very deep. You like quality Ambient? I urge you to get this album.

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