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Friday, 7 June 2013

Diagnose: Lebensgefahr - Transformalin

[Click on image for official Diagnose: Lebensgefahr page]
Country - Sweden
Composer - Mikael Nilsson (A.K.A Nattramn)
Released - 2006
- Tracklist -
1. The Level Beyond Human
2. Transformalin
3. Flaggan På Halv Stång I Drömmens Västergård
4. Upon the High Horse of Selfdestruction
5. Situazion: Lebensgefahr
6. Anoxi
 7. The Last Breath of Tellus
8. Mani vs Apati
9. Tillsammans Men Ensam i Stillhetens Kapell
10. Obducentens Dröm
11. De Vårdar Mig in I Döden
- Review -
One of the most controversial stories in music spawned this highly unusual album, I'm not going to explain it, just to tell you that this was by a notorious Black Metal musician while he was in a mental asylum.
Each song represents the fragmented mind of a mental patient, and each song has its own story. In terms of music, the composition is all over the place, covering many different genres such as Drone, Industrial and Dark Ambient, the album never loses interest. Mainly composed on one synthesizer (all he was given at hospital I guess) Nattramn is able to competently create ethereal and disturbingly good soundtracks through different effects and plug ins (Obducentens Dröm is the best synth/piano sound I've ever heard).
Sampling from movies given to him from the AV room, books he's read from the tiny hospital library and of course his own deranged head give so much into the music. He even decides to sing in some songs (if you can call it singing, just check out the last track).
Many of you will think I've gone mad myself calling this a good ambient album, but the story behind it, and the cold atmosphere itself contained within, of the music give it a terrifying new dimension.
Easily my favourite Dark Ambient album of all time. No contest.

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